Planning and configuration for the datacenter in Berlin (redesign). Implementation and customisation specific software- Implementation monitoring, backup, netz concept, implementation operation and  administration. Implementation Oracle RAC 10g Cluster.(MIBS)


BEA Weblogic Cluster implementation and planning, change to the new cluster concept and redesign. (Production)

Finance company

Technology consulting - concept and redesign – change old system to  TermialServer solution. Installation W2003 Server/Cluster (TerminalServer)  and planning, impelentaion users, backup, storage concepts. Installation and configuration datenbases (Oracle) and UNIX server. Installation and configuration off all finance software onTerminalServer Cluster. (Middleware) Implementation for data transfer interfaces. Implementation and planning VPN interfaces for the satellite stations and documention.

IT Consulting

The guaranty for unceasing success of an organization lies in well-founded consulting. This is especially applicable to the IT industry, where the knowledge base has been experiencing an exponential growth.


We are thus in a position to link our expertise in the industry, processes and IT to an integrated approach in consulting services.


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